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Kuwait Embassy Attestation

November 21, 2022 trueway_admin 0 Comments

Are you looking for Kuwait Embassy Attestation ???

Then Please join us

We can attest your Educational, Non – Educational and Commercial documents from the Indian Embassy or Consulate of Kuwait in Delhi or Mumbai respectively. This attestation helps you to work in the 6 Governorates of Kuwait.

We help you to attest your documents at very affordable rates in a fast track method.

Documents Include:

Educational : SSLC, Plus 2, Degree, Diploma, PG, TC etc

Process: HRD + MEA + Kuwait Embassy Or SDM + MEA + Kuwait Embassy

Non Educational : Birth, Death, Marriage, Medical Certificate, PCC, Experience certificate, Power of attorney etc

Process : Home Department Attestation+ MEA + Kuwait Embassy Attestation

Or SDM + MEA + Kuwait Embassy Attestation

Commercial : Invoice, Health Certificate, Description of Consignment, Certificate of Origin, Commercial Power of attorney etc

Process : COC + MEA + Kuwait Consulate Attestation

Duration :

25 Working days ( For Educational and Non Educational)

55 Working days ( For Commercial)

Documents Needed :
•Original Certificate
•Passport copy of concerned Candidate

For Educational 

Documents Needed :
•Original Certificate
•Passport copy of concerned persons

For Non – Educational 

HRD is Mandatory for all Medical Professionals applying for Kuwait Embassy. Don’t Forget

Our Specialities : Online Tracking, Mail and What’s app updates on the process of document, Pick and drop facilities, 24 hours customer Support , International Courier Services , Fast Track processing etc


Q. Who and all need to attest certificate for working in Kuwait?

A. For all professionals who are going for job visa need to attest the relevant educational documents Eg: Doctors, Nurses, Accountants, Managers, Administrater, Technicians, Para medical staff etc other than labour catogery all need to have Kuwait Embassy attestation on their certificate.

Q. Do I need to be personally present for any of the attestation process?

A. No, your physical presence is not required in the anyphase of attestation.

Q. Currently I am working abroad how do I submit the documents for attestation?

A. You can courier all your documents to our offices or can arrange for a pickup from anywhere in India, same way we can deliver the document back to you.

Q. Can I attest my private degree certificate from Kuwait Embassy?

A. Yes, Kuwait Embassy attestation is possible on Full time/Regular/Part time/correspondence/private courses certificates. Kuwait Embassy attestation is possible alomost all the certificate issued from India.

Q. My marriage certificate is in Hindi can I attest the certificate from Kuwait Embassy?

A. Certificates need to be in English then only Kuwait Embassy will attest the document.

Q. Where do I contact for Kuwait Embassy attestation?

A. You can contact our branches/collection centers located PAN India or can contact our customer care number.

Q. When do I need to attest Marriage certificate& Birth certificate?

A. If you are planning to take your Family to Kuwait you need to attest Marriage certificate and birth certificate for Children.

Q. How long will take to get my certificate attested from Kuwait Embassy?

A. Educational certificate attestation from Kuwait Embassy will take Minimum of 25 Working days through SDM process. However, HRD timeline is purely based on university and state department of respective state. And non- educational certificate will take minimum of 15 working days and a maximum 25 working days to complete the process.

Q : WHY Trueway International ??

A: Trueway International is an entity rendering all kinds of documents attestations. Trueway has been serving for a number of years with the highest client’s satisfaction rate. With a professional and expertise team we are ready to help you out in following ways :

👉Reliable & Hassle-Free Services
👉Speedy & Accurate process
👉Services Available for PAN India
👉24*7 Assistance
👉Reasonable Costs

Thanks to choose Trueway International

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