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Trueway Attestation provides Dataflow DHA for Doctors, Technicians, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, Homoeopathic and Ayurvedic Practitioners, etc.

dataflow dha

Dataflow verification is a mandatory requirement for those who are going abroad. It is a verification of checking the authenticity of the documents submitted by an applicant while applying for a job or a course, mainly in the GCC countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE).For Dubai Health (DHA), UAE takes the duty of overseeing the Emirate of Dubai’s health sector by providing services through DHA healthcare facilities in the Latifa, Dubai, Rashid, and Hatta Hospitals, as well as its 12 primary healthcare centers, 17 medical fitness centers, and 6 specialized centers. This information is used by DHA to verify the credentials of healthcare workers in Dubai. Their aim is to deliver high-quality healthcare services to promote citizens’ health and to expand Dubai’s healthcare industry using cutting-edge methods & technology.

Primary Source Verification

The primary Source Verification process entails having the organizations that issued the submitted documents verified. Here all the documents you submitted will be taken for verification by the same authority who issued those certificates for Dataflow DHA. This procedure verifies the document’s validity, authenticity, legitimacy, and originality. The applicant must first submit their PSV application through the Sheryan Portal. Candidates can complete all of the dataflow and PSV processes online, but the knowledgeable team at Trueway can help lessen the likelihood of any errors and make the process hassle-free and simple. To be eligible to work in Dubai, you must pass an exam in addition to the submitting requirements.


Education certificates (Degree/diploma/pg certificates)

Employement records ( experience certificate)


Front & Back Page of Passport

Good Standing Certificate Good standing certificate from the respective registered council. (Mandatory for Nurses, Dentists etc).

BLS Certificate: Mandatory for Nurses

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