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Blog - Certificate Attestation for UK and UAE FAQ

certificate attestation

Certificate Attestation for UK & UAE-FAQ

Can a husband go on a dependent VISA if his wife is working in the UK? 

The customer wants to find a Job (that can be permanent or temporary) once he reaches there. So, does any of his educational docs need the attestation of UK?

The Husband is now residing in the UAE. So, is it necessary for him to take the PCC from the UAE?

Answer: Yes, the person can go on a dependent VISA. The specified qualification’s certificate has to undergo the process of Apostille Attestation (for UK Apostille is needed) if he wants to find a job. And the marriage certificate is also to be attested and the person has to take the PCC also from UAE.

Could a candidate take her family along with her, once she completed the dataflow for DHA and find a job in Dubai?

If so, how long it will take to settle with a family in the respective country (I have a new born baby. So, it’s very urgent to take the family with me)?

Answer: Yes, the candidate can take the family with her. Once she gets settled in a particular country, then only she can do it.  

Is it mandatory to write the DHA Prometric initially before completing the DHA dataflow?

Answer: In DHA a candidate has 2 options. First option, Write the Prometric first, then go for Dataflow and finally Do the Eligibility. And the second Option is Do Dataflow first, then go for eligibility and finally the Exam. Only thing is that the candidate should complete all the process and find the job before the DHA prometric expires.

What will be the cost of Bangalore University HRD? How much is the cost for Sudan Embassy Attestation? Is Apostille attestation needed for Sudan?

Answer: Whenever we get the enquiries regarding HRD verification, first we collect the documents from the candidate. Only after the verification, we can confirm the amount and duration. And for Sudan there is an Embassy. Apostille is not needed.

What is the solution if a candidate’s dataflow gets stuck or any one of the documents takes much time to complete?

Answer: There are a lot of issues due to which the process of dataflow can be delayed. One issue, may be the hospital is in black list or the staff who was assigned with the respective file will be under leave or relief etc. As a supporter what we can do is collect the current status of the candidate and provide the needful support.

What is the alternative solution if a candidate’s name is found to be different in Passport than in any of her documents? What can we do in this case?

Answer: Name change is a usual thing among married candidates (in dataflow). If we find such a problem, we try to collect the Marriage certificate from that candidate and submit it to the dataflow authority.

Is there any other document that can be submitted as a substitute of Marriage certificate in dataflow if any issues of name change occur?

Answer: No, the applicability of all other substitute documents will be less in the dataflow group. So, in the case of name change, a married candidate should submit his / her Marriage certificate.

What is the Solution if a candidate applied for Kerala Good Standing self and not yet received any update from the Council regarding the status? As an agency, do we have any role in such a case?

Answer: Yes, If the candidate provides the details regarding his / her payment towards the council and the reference details and all, we can do further. Thus, in that case, we should receive half payment from the customer towards our service charge.

Is it necessary for a candidate with M Pharm qualification to go for Prometric exam of any of the countries?

Answer: It is not confirmed as some candidates have given a recent news that a person who is having M Pharm Qualification have no mandatory rule that he / she must write the exam in order to qualify Dataflow.

Is it possible to calculate a candidate’s Experience before registration if he / she is applying for dataflow?

Answer: There is no issue that whether the experience is before or after the registration. If it is from a valid institution, it can be added to dataflow.

Whether the dataflow of a candidate gets rejected if he/ she brings a fake experience certificate of Karnataka state and having the registration from Kerala?

Answer: The hospital authority should respond and provide proper information regarding the candidate if any enquiry has been sent from PSV group. Then it can lower the chances of rejection. And also, I think it is possible to run dataflow with Karnataka Experience and Kerala Registration; since it is within India. 

What is the HRD rate of VBS, Purvanchal University, Jaunpur (Uttar Pradesh)?

Answer: It is not fixed and will vary from time to time.

A Candidate who did Saudi Dataflow from another agency got a positive report. But the registered mail, all the details regarding dataflow, the dataflow report everything was lost. Is there any option for her to recover the report?

Answer: Yes, they can recover the report with the barcode. But they have to pay the amount for downloading the same.

Can a person cancel the procedure of an embassy attestation if he / she is not interested to go with the next step?

Answer: A doc submitted for HOME +COC+ OMAN has finished the first two steps and was holding for the embassy section due to a rate issue. If the agency provides a cancellation mail to the embassy, then the customer will get document back and even the refund of embassy section also.

Is it necessary to add the designation “Staff Nurse” in an experience certificate to get the approval of Dataflow authority? What about if it is like a clinical nurse or a nurse trainee?

Answer: No, there is no mandatory rule like that. Whatever is the designation, the candidate should have at least 2 years of latest experience for applying for dataflow.

Is there any role for an agency to interfere among a candidate and Kerala Nursing council, if the candidate is not getting any response from the council even after paying the amount and initiate the Kerala registration renewal process self?

Answer: If we are getting the details regarding documents, payment etc from the candidate, then we can accept the request from the candidate and work as a mediator between the candidate and the council.

Is the rate of eligibility (credentialing) same for doctors and nurses?

Answer: Yes, it is same for both doctors and nurses.

If a candidate apply for orthopedic specialty, does the Saudi council recognize a person with Diploma in ortho as a specialist?

Answer: That’s up to the council only. As an agency, we have no further role in that.

What is the solution if a registration certificate submitted for Delhi Good standing is out of validity period?

Answer: First Option is renewal of the document and once we get the renewed document it can be processed for good standing.

Is there any complication when we are under the renewal of a registration certificate of Delhi Nursing council and are not able to find any records in the registered mail id of the candidate?

Answer: Some issues will occur if the registration certificate cross the minimum duration of renewal. May be the records of the candidate cannot be found. In such a case, the candidate can directly send a mail to the respective registration council indicating the issue.

What is the updated rate of Telangana Registration Renewal? The duration? Supporting documents needed?

Answer: The documents needed are scanned copies of Registration, Experience, Photo, Passport Copy etc.

Duration will be 10 working days.

When a candidate does dataflow, suppose if he/ she is having two-degree certificates (Eg., MBBS & MD), which certificate has to be submitted for dataflow?

Answer: In most of the cases, the latest one will be submitted in the normal package (as the primary one). All other documents can be submitted under the category of extra doc verification. Only thing is that candidate has to do extra payment for any additional doc verification.

What is the equivalent verification for Qatar Nurses dataflow if the candidate is having a privatized registration certificate?

Answer: It is GBS (Gulf Bridge Services) 

Is the registration from AAHP (Association of Allied Health Professionals) valid?

Answer: No, this registration certificate is not valid and acceptable with the dataflow authority.

Is it possible for a candidate to do Saudi dataflow for the second time even after completing the same country’s dataflow, eligibility and exam? 

Answer: Yes. If the license, the exam everything gets expired, definitely the candidate can do the dataflow for Saudi second time with the old report. And also, if the person is having any additional doc to add, we can do that also.

What is the rate of attesting a Power of Attorney with UAE Embassy? 

Answer: If the Power of Attorney is a normal one, then the amount is same as the other documents. But if it is related to any commercial authorizations, then the amount and duration will be different. 

What is the updated rate of Qatar Embassy attestation with Bona fide Certificate?

Answer: Its 22000 (19500 for Qatar Embassy and 2500 for Bona fide)

What are the 2 major councils for taking Good Standing Kerala for the country Australia?


What is the HRD rate of Jiwaji University, Gwalior?

Answer: Amount is 10,500

Duration: 45 Working days,

Documents needed:  Original Document, Marksheet copy, Passport copy needed.

Is it possible for a candidate to do fresh dataflow second time? 

Answer: Yes. It is possible (Candidate Rajimol already completed MOH and now wants to do DHA and add Good Standing and Post BSc. qualification to that. So, she can do a new dataflow rather than converting and adding the docs one by one) 

Is it possible for a candidate to do HAAD dataflow again when she is having a report of discrepancy with her?

Answer: Lot of complications will be there. If the candidate tries again after changing passport details, there is a small chance. But as the negative records of the candidate remain with the authority of dataflow, the chances of rejection are more.

What are the basic experience criteria for nurses for doing Qatar Dataflow?

Answer: Normally, we speak to customers like; only 2 years of experience is needed for dataflow for any country. But in the case of Qatar, it is 3 years. The candidate should possess at least 3 years of latest experience.

Is it possible for a candidate to do HAAD dataflow, when he/she is having experience from 2017 to 2020? Or do they require more experience?

Answer: For HAAD and DHA, If the gap is up to 2 years, then it is not an issue. But if candidate cross more than 2 years of gap, then they should submit still working certificate or the certificate of current year which shows latest resignation.  

How will be the attestation of Father Muller Medical College Transcript?

Answer: Transcript is of 4 to 5 pages. But the attestation is only done in the last page (In case of all College transcripts). And in case of transcript single page attestation is not needed. 

What can we do in a case where a candidate has already completed the dataflow for DHA and the validity period of the registration certificate verified in the same dataflow got expired? Does the candidate have to do the dataflow again?

Answer: The solution is simple. The candidate has to renew the registration certificate first. After getting the renewed document, the candidate can add the same into the old dataflow into extra document verification category. In this case a second dataflow is not needed.

How will be the attestation of Bharat University (Chennai) B Tech Civil Engineering Consolidated Marksheet? 

Answer: Bharat University issued consolidated mark lists is of 3 pages and the next page is the continuation of the first. As the document is like a single set, it will be calculated together and the attestation will be done only in the last page of the consolidated sheet. 

A candidate has back papers and have the experience before the supplementary exam and now want to do dataflow with that experience. Is it possible? Or the experience only after passing all papers or registration in the council is acceptable? 

Answer: In most of the cases, the experience is considered only if it is from a valid organization (Eg., hospitals). No matter whether the experience is before or after registration. (But there should be clarity in the case of course completion period and the experience).

What is the Full form of BLS & ACLS?

Answer:   BLS – Basic Life Support

                  ACLS – Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support

What is the current rate of BLS? How can a candidate register and how the class is conducted?

Answer: The current rate is 4000 per candidate for 1 day class

A Candidate’s need for BLS is only at the time of Eligibility. He/she can register for the class with their mail id and mobile number. Usually, the classes are conducted either in Trivandrum or Kollam.

A candidate has to be present for the class with their ID proof. They should keep book and pen with them to write notes. It’s a one-day class and starts at 9:30am and finishes at 6 pm. The candidate will receive the BLS card the same day or the next day.

Is it applicable in dataflow if a candidate has only Kerala experience and Karnataka registration? Will the candidate get the approval from respective nursing council regarding the issue of Good Standing Certificate?

Answer: In normal cases, the Council will issue a good standing certificate only if a candidate has the respective council’s registration and experience. In all other cases, the title of the document will be Verification of registration. It has very less chance to get the approval from dataflow team.

What is the HRD rate and duration of Amrita Viswa Vidyapeetham University’s BBM document? 

Answer: 7000 Amount and 50 Working days Duration

Is it possible for a candidate to pursue HAAD Dataflow process with Saudi experience? 

Answer: Yes, If the candidate is having valid Saudi license along with their experience, he/she is able to do HAAD dataflow with that experience.

Can we split the single package of MOH dataflow nurses if the candidate is asking for 3 step payment method rather than paying at once an amount of Rs 45000?

Answer: Yes, it’s possible. In such a case, collect the amount in the following pattern

  • 32000: For MOH registration and Dataflow
  • 6500: For MOH Eligibility
  • 6500: For MOH Prometric

What is the validity period of dataflow?

Answer: It’s for lifetime.

Is it possible for a candidate to go to Dubai with Saudi dataflow?

Answer: No. It’s not possible. The candidate cannot go to Dubai with Saudi dataflow. The candidate has to convert the dataflow from Saudi to Dubai (DHA).

Is it mandatory to do the licensing of Oman from India or any other alternate option for the candidate?

Answer: The candidate can only do Oman dataflow and Oman Prometric from India. Licensing is given by the hospital authorities who recruit the candidate.

How many years of experience a diploma in Pharmacy holder needed to do the dataflow of DHA?

Answer: 2 Years.

A candidate completed Diploma in Optometry from Kerala and later completed BSc in Optometry through lateral entry (Himalayan University). Is it possible for the candidate to do Qatar Dataflow?

Answer: Yes. The candidate can do Qatar Dataflow

Is it possible for a candidate to go for Qatar dataflow with 1 year gap?

Answer: It is acceptable and if the candidate is planning to fill the gap and then go for the dataflow process, then it is also ok.

Which all country’s Prometric can a diploma holder in Pharmacy can write?

Answer: If the candidate is having 2 years of experience, then he/she can go for DHA, HAAD, MOH and if the experience is about 3 years, he /she is qualified for all countries prometric.

A person has 2 years of experience after M Pharm. Is it possible for him to go for Qatar Prometric?

Answer: No. the candidate should have at least 3 years of experience to apply for Qatar.

A candidate is having both GNM and Post BSc qualification. Is it possible for the candidate to apply with the latest one or both documents have to be submitted to the dataflow authority?

Answer: There is no rule that the candidate has to submit the latest one only. If the candidate wants to verify both the documents, then he/she can do it.

Is it necessary for a candidate to create another Eligibility ID for DHA, if he/she failed in the first attempt of DHA Prometric?

Answer:  Yes, new ID should be created.

A candidate had passed Diploma in Pharmacy in the year 2008. Now the candidate is having 34 years. Is there any age limit for doing dataflow of HAAD?

Answer: Not only for HAAD but also for all other countries there is no age limit until 60. If the candidate exceeds 60 years, then he/she should submit the medical report to the dataflow authority to indicate that the person is medically fit.

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